Creative Exploration

Color in a box of crayons

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a lunch time draw. I had 5 minutes, three sheets of paper and a storage box filled with crayons. No noise. It was just me and my ideas! I chose my favorite colors and doodled. Made me miss and wish I could scribble more.

What did I write in the book?

You give an absolutely not, I’m not an artist adult, a box of crayons and they too will enjoy coloring. We’re all artists, absolutely we are, the problem is people try and convince us otherwise.

Crayons are simple, inexpensive

With every color you can be expressive

Dandelion Yellow

You make me feel mellow

Young or old

We can all be bold

The laughter, the playfulness, creative spirit, that never gets old.

Did I say old?

I mean little kids and big kids

With crayons I can be a big jar of hearts no lid

Yeah, I like that.

I doodled these beauties in 5 minutes, and I like my drawings! Oh right, I want to add watercolor to some of these.