Creative Exploration

My Colors

Should this entry be orange? I want to keep going with the Blooming in colors but it’s time to present the first post to my color exploration for De Colores.

Color is such a great way to express the love I feel for us, the world. The World is a Rainbow and of course the De Colores song describes it best. Literally I have been living the words on my first few pages. I’ve been back and forth. Great idea! I don’t know. This doesn’t feel right. Yes, let’s do that. What should I do? It’s been a roller coaster. Now I’ve decided to just paint. I’ll paint flowers. I’ve got some leaves. I love color. Color is how others describe my work. Creating for the thrill of it, well that’s bound to produce work for the book. This masterpiece is literally the mixings of lots of blooms.

Let’s have fun!