Creative Exploration

Collage Flowers and Greatness

various pink yellow and blue flowers on a light blue background

What to do with leftover collage paper? My answer came as I was working on colors and textures for the book. De Colores is a celebration of color. Everything has color. Today we discussed the American Womans Quarters Program. It was inspiring to learn about the diverse women. Yes that beautiful word diversity. AND that’s the greatness I speak of ,the word I chose for this year. It made me feel like yes Amanda and Maya I too have words to sing. I’ll do it through my color, my art.

What does all this have to do with my flower collage painting? I just took the odds and leftover papers and cut. I let my eyes and my spirit decide. I tried this and that until I was was done.

Greatness is turning scraps into art.

Greatness is you keep going.

Greatness is no matter what, you rise

Greatness is both fish and snakes have scales, yet they’re different.

Greatness is though we walk and talk different, together we laugh and smile.