Creative Exploration

De Colores Momentum

Here’s more words from the book. Yes the book has a new name which is De Colores. This texture was painted with some of my favorite color. I just let the watercolor blend and work together like it naturaly does.

There I was on a Sunday morn. A quiet house and I had no words to write. Why am I working on the color book? Do I want to? I’m writing but the words, I took a break and as Curly Nikki suggested I looked for love. I sat quietly in thoughts and those of other good podcasters. I came across James’ post. That’s it! My work is the world through my eyes. My colors, well what are my colors? I use yellows, greens, pinks, browns oranges and blues. I mix all these colors to make even more, really beautiful color. There’s forest green, turquoise and aqua. Mix a little yellow with orange and you have my attention. Add a little pink and you have my heart. That’s right, tell my story. Have you every wandered and wondered how all this beautiful color came to be. I like to think the bluest of the ocean blues are there to remind us, restore our faith in ourselves and each other. We are truly a masterpiece. How can we not see such beautiful color and not feel that we are greatness, that our troubles or doubts and fears, it’s going to be okay. Then I realized hello just WRITE. I love color. Color is one of those elements that feeds my perpetual curiosity. The de colores song popped in my head. Suddenly the fire is once again ignited. Here we go!

Okay time to get dressed have breakfast and paint textures. BUT I’ve got to paint a flower too and test out my new brush. I read this post about a blogger who just had to photograph a colorful jar of M & M’s. M & M’s are the candy that reminds od childhood.Yes I’m adding this entry to the book.

Oh in case you are curious, I have decided to share more textures from the book until the release date. Oh wait! The book can be released on February 14th. Yes the day of love. Nature loves us so much that she grants us the ability to fall in love with our eyes. Yes color is a wonderful gift. Let me write this down and I do have an wonderful idea for the texture!

Oh right I should take time to fill out my calendar today.