Creative Exploration

Let’s Do This

lets fo this collage lettering

I heard Jamie Foxx speak about his grandmother and how she inspired him. She told others to leave him alone because he was going to do great things, go places. I blurted she was right! Someone much wiser than I said, We are all born for greatness.

It’s the same message in movies and in religion. It’s prayer, meditation, yoga, mindfulenss…call it what you will but good thoughts are there. Negativity is such a dark place.

I want and I need more good thinking. Not just say the words or read them but feel them as I speak, as I write, as I paint, as I teach, as I listen, as I treat others, as I live.

Here’s what I have planned for 2022

  • Creative Bloom the course I’m scared of this one. I haven’t filmed a course in a long time but I’ll be doing it.
  • Write two new books
  • do an Eric Carle collage activity
  • do a Valentines floral project
  • add to the sticker collection
  • Tote Bags
  • puzzles
  • poems
  • read more
  • rebrand my website
  • a creative bloom blog series

All this is a to-do list but I need to work on mindfulness. Here’s to a new day. Here’s to a new week. Here’s to a new month. Here’s to a new year. Let’s keep working. Let’s keep growing. Let’s do this. All the advice I give is really me being a sponge. Mindfulness finds me and I absorb it I write and paint about it but then I stop…

I am not entitled to the fruits of my labor, only the labor.