Creative Exploration

2021 Review (List of Posts)

  • Use red paint to sketch flowers. Stamp with random objects
  • drawing various flowers with walnut ink
  • word art with watercolor
  • This post contains a list of art resources inculding a sunflower fingerpainting idea

Here is a list of top posts.

  1. Gor for a Walk Yes, I went for many many walks this year and much of that has inpsired my work
  2. Mosaic Fish Not only are these relaxing but they are a reason for my love of color
  3. Palms Make Cool Flowers
  4. About Writing just write the book already. Yes learn all you can but all you need to do is read a lot and sit down and write. Write anything. Lots of it. These are words of authors.
  5. Pink BrushStroke Blooms
  6. Belong to the moon and stars Life is much more peacful when I live like this.
  7. Just you making art
  8. Dreamcatcher
  9. Finger painting What a great way to paint flowers
  10. The first idea didn’t work so paint flowers
  11. How to be an artist
  12. Red Tempera Paint sketching
  13. Flirt with Creativity
  14. Focus
  15. Painting flowers with a paper roll

Ok so I had fun this year. In 2022 I’ll be sharing more techniques, a new course. and three book ideas! If you are new to Creatively Hue then these posts are a great place to start, get inspired and create your best work.