Creative Exploration

Top Lessons of 2021 (from an artist’s point of view)

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

Always meditate

Quiet time is so valuable. Many times I let emotions control the show. I’m up and down like a yo-yo but when I’m quiet I, it’s alwasy oh why’d you do that. I want more prayer, meditation and more of these I am spirit meant for greatness mindfulness. I have a wonderful New Year’s post.

Fall in love with the process not the idea

There is a difference. I heard Austin Kleon talk about this in a podcast for Unmistakeable Creative. We are not entitled to the fruits of our labor. Austin wants artists to know what it feels like to get a sentence right. It’s amazing when I have leftover paint. I pick up the brush, do somehting and I look at the page, it’s beautiful. Or many times it seems unfixable. Yet I simply keep working. Then before my eyes it blooms. Surprisingly the more I fall in love with the process, that’s where I start to get followers and beautiful comments. Thank you.

There is no right way to create a flower

The choice is all up to you. You first ideas may not work but it’s what comes after, that’s where the good work is. Much of my work is chance. I can recreate it but not with exact texture or color blending.

Review your work often

There are two reasons for this. You see your growth. Sometimes, for a looong time it can feel like no one cares or your not making progress. You are making progress and the tuth is in your work. My blooms ard ideas are better since I began Creative Bloom. Creative Bloom is a fun creative exploration book. Yet if I rewrote the book with new blooms it would be amazing! Reviewing my work motivates me to keep creative.

Be proud of your work

Jump for joy if you want to. Being proud of your work means sharing it in person via a workshop or online in a post. Share the story behind the piece. It’s more like an indifference in your work. Your not saying it’s the best and your not saying it’s the worst. You are in complete peace with your work.

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament