Creative Exploration

My Favorite Blooms of 2021

The number one bloom was putting together Creative Bloom. The flowers artwork began in the summer of 2020 and continued through 2021. I am still painting and creating flowers. I think I’ve found my place. I’ve been painting for years but these blooms started from a project in a book Learning by heart: Lessons to Free the Creative Spirit. This is a must read. In fact I should probably read it again.

In Creative Bloom there is a repetitive idea. Whatever you are dealing with, doubt, creative block…the answers will come in the making.

When you learn to just make art you learn to appreciate your work, see the gem in every piece. Much of what you create will be work but it’s all beautiful.

Let me think on these favorites and work on a top lessons for 2021. I want to look at the top posts. I’ll end with adding the last 2021 designs. Not sure if I’ve done this before but it’ll be a great compass for 2022.