Creative Exploration

Bloom no matter the season

bloom no matter the season watercolored brushed quote

I painted these blooms with a size 10 brush. I also needed the reminder. I am spending this week painting a few more flowers. I’ll be painting textures for the new book. I’m looking back at my work and preparing for new projects in 2022. My color book is coming along. I think January is a good time to release the book. I’ll probably drop a teaser, a few pages for download in a week or two. Some of you are already email subscribers so I”ll send you the teaser. Maybe I can finish the book. I’ll do my best.

I want to work on the creative bloom course. I just want to keep painting flowers. This is my moment to take a deep breathe and bloom no matter the season. The weather is cold. Yet I’ll bloom like I was born to bloom.

If you are not a subscriber please do, email me so I can send you the teaser. Also please let me know what you’ve enjoyed seeing on my blog? I’ve got ideas for next year but I’m planning more.