Creative Exploration

November Lessons

  1. Paint paper without having any idea what you will create. No intentions. Anything goes. I recenttly read about Eric Carle doing this. The Art of Eric Carle is a wonderful book.

2. If you think you’ve made a mistake then fix it. Explore. Play. Try a new tool. Using painted paper to cover up a watercolor mess is amazing.

3. I like hand lettered quotes but I’m not a hand letterer. How about my writing with a paint brush?

Or collage letters. Why is Eric Carle’s work infulencing me more than ever? I hope so! Simple ideas are the most beautiful!

4. You don’t need fancy tools. Crayola. Sennelier. Basics. Sharpie. Just use what you have and use it a lot.

5. There is no right way to paint flowers. Seriously paint. Stop doubting and comparing. Just paint and keep on painting