Creative Exploration

Having a my art isn’t good enough moment

I painted this bloom days maybe weeks ago. The softness of the pink with the green especially in the small leaf is a beautiful contrast. And yet I felt I had to add more, a darker pink? I didnt care for the way the pink bleneded but the color yes it takes my breathe away. You can’t see it here but holding it in my hand…why did I feel the need for more. I suppose in some way I was having a my art isn’t good enough moment.

My blooms aren’t realistic or the most beautiful, the color and how they make me feel, that’s my why. Even the other day I was walking among artwork, an exhimit featured art teachers from a local school district. It was again breathetakingly beautiful. I don’t know why the artist created these artworks. It was the thrill of sitting there with an image of the artist air spraying, or wheel throwing deep in their work that capitivated me.

Then I thought about my work. I love LOVE getting lost in my tools. I swirl a brush and a beautiful bloom appears. I think it’s all simple! How could my beaties be art and hung on the wall next to these or in any exhibit for that matter. You know what they can!

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