Creative Exploration

The magic of color

Remember the days of back to school crayons and markers? Maybe you had a big box. The other kids wanted to borrow your carnation pink. Yes the names are fun to read too. If felt good that you owned the box. You share and your just having fun. It still feels good. Crayons, wait a minute, why don’t I have a box in my tool box?

Crayons are simple, inexpensive

With every color you can be expressive

Dandelion Yellow

You make me feel mellow

Young or old

We can all be bold

Did I say old?

I mean little kids big kids

With crayons I can be a big jar of hearts no lid

Yeah I like that.

Yes crayons are so simle, easy and beautiful. Color is all around us. As children simple makes us happy. The older we get the more we forget. Oh the magic of color. The magic of color? Maybe that’s good name for my book.

Hope you are enjoying these thoughts on color. I am working on the book. Ooh I can paint crayons!

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