Creative Exploration

Circle Flat Brush Blooms

acrylic painted blooms with the words hello

There are all these tutorials on painting flowers. There’s this specific one on getting the right shadows. Although I do love the reflection of the sun shinning down warming me, that’s just not my kind of painting.

I want to take a flat brush

Choose the colors I feel, no rush

Paint in a circle motion

It’s just you and me, no comotion

Big circles

Small circles

A little orange a little pink

blending and dry brush textures

you are my kind of drink

Beautiful art with simple shapes

That’s it. That is all you need to make these flowers. You take a flat brush, dip it in paint and paint in a swirl motion. Next year I am putting together a course on flowers and bloomg as an artist. Are you interested? Le me know.

Now I’m going to do some serious writing for the book.