Creative Exploration

Keep painting and bloom into beautiful

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

I had an idea and wait where is that photo? Oh right. The shapes are all wrong but the color is beautiful!

I chose these blooms today because sometimes you may make mistaks or don’t see the blooms yet. That’s when you have to keep working. Last night I went for an evening stroll. The field full of bright colored daisies are now dry and gray. It is raining today and thank goodness. But I still felt spring. You have to. The first layer was great practice. I painted which is what I need to do to get better! The first blooms led to these.

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

I’m going to keep painting, dreaming, creating, and writing. I’ll do it all without comparison, perfection, ego, rules, judgment—I’ll paint with love.