Creative Exploration

the color book

Your art, your voice your opinion—it’s how you see the world and how you translate it back for others.

James Victore

So there I was on a Sunday morn. A quiet house and I had no words to write. Why am I working on the color book? Do I want to? I’m writing but the words, I took a break and as Curly Nikki suggested I looked for love. I sat quietly in thoughts and those of other good podcasts.

I came across James’ post and yes that’s it! My work is the world through my eyes, My choice of color, well what are my colors. I use yellows, greens, pinks, browns oranges and blues. I mix all these colors to make even more, really beautiful color. There’s forest green, turquoise and aqua. Mix a little yellow with orange and you have peach. Add a little pink and you have my heart.

That’s right, tell my story. I always have something to say. Have you every wandered and wondered how all this beautiful color came to be. I like to think the bluests of the blues in the oceans are there to remind us restore us of faith in ourselves and for each other. How can we not see such beautiful color and not feel that we are greatness, that our troubles or doubts and fears, it’ll all be ok. Mother nature knows. I could go on and I will in my new book.