Always be your own fan

I was browsing my website. The blue background and artwork made me write this post. It’s rare that I admire my work. Most of the time I paint and enjoy the process. It wasn’t always this way. I’d throw the paper away and start over. Now I save my work. I save the ideas I want to paint more of. I hold onto the pieces that didn’t work as reminders.

There is no ugly work. Ugly is a societal term that you don’t fit in. W hen we think ugly there’s usually some form of comparison. In every practice there is a gem. I’m not saying my work is the best or the greatest. I’m saying I believe in my work. It’s all work in progress. I see growth. I see love. I feel love. I feel encouragement to keep going. I will and so in that sense support what you do. Be your own fan.

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A visionary artist who paints blooms of optimism. She paints using watercolor, acrylic and fun tools like paper rolls. She's a tea drinker who's curious about everything in nature. Every day she creates and is her place where she learns to trust her ideas, create from her authenticity and documents her process because we are all artists.