Creative Exploration

Always be your own fan

I was browsing my website. The blue background and artwork made me write this post. It’s rare that I admire my work. Most of the time I paint and enjoy the process. It wasn’t always this way. I’d throw the paper away and start over. Now I save my work. I save the ideas I want to paint more of. I hold onto the pieces that didn’t work as reminders.

There is no ugly work. Ugly is a societal term that you don’t fit in. W hen we think ugly there’s usually some form of comparison. In every practice there is a gem. I’m not saying my work is the best or the greatest. I’m saying I believe in my work. It’s all work in progress. I see growth. I see love. I feel love. I feel encouragement to keep going. I will and so in that sense support what you do. Be your own fan.