Creative Exploration

Make Art Poster/Print Part 1

Use red paint to sketch flowers. Stamp with random objects

Red paint you are my sketching color

Time goes by and all of it is wonderful, these are my moments. I stamped and turned the stamps into blooms. The blooms were already there. It is I just needed to paint them. Green was for laying out details. Red isn’t a color I use in my artwork. Red is my mix in color. I mix red with blue, green and white. I’ve been using red to sketch . Red is assertive, energetic, exciting, passion, confidence, courage…do I need more reasons to make this color my sketching color? No. Red blooms with pink stems. Monotones! Love it.

Funny how this cheap watercolor paper turned out to be wonderful. You don’t need fancy tools all you need is you. I could do this all day. Using random objects is a reminder that everything is art. I should round up random objects and turn them into blooms. There’s so many ideas. The next part of my project will be to start painting. This is going to be great.