Creative Exploration

Pinterest and Getting Organized

Blue thumbprint flower with the words who are you

I spent two hours organizing my Pinterest boards. I’m really excited and had to share it with you. When I started pinterest I created boards on hand lettering and rules of art. My ideas on rules as well as hand lettering have changed.

Some of my new boards are:

  • Mexican Aesthetic
  • Self love Art Projects
  • culture
  • Ceramic Artwork
  • books for creatives
  • I believe in my work. You guys always motivate me with your kind feedback, Thank you so much. I want my Pinterest boards to be a reflection of my creative journey. There’s so much inspiration and I want to share that with you. I am going to be creating my ultimate favorite list of resources. I have so much planned, my new course, courses, a few new books…

What are you working on? Let’s encourage each other. Voice them right now. You could email me about them or just right where you are at think about your projects. Say them out loud if you can.