Creative Exploration

Doodle with Walnut Ink

drawing various flowers with walnut ink

Years ago, I purchased Daniel Smith Walnut Ink. It’s a container with a lid and no glass dropper. It makes a mess. For the past few days, I’ve been painting some of my favorite flowers with walnut ink. Cheap $5 paper and one color is all you need to practice your doodles.

There’s something about drawing with ink instead of a pencil. The ink glides on the page. You get to work with the brush. There’s no wasting the expensive sheet of watercolor paper or Mission Watercolor. Oh and I recently started a sketchbook. The green Crayola marker on green paper makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

I’m not sure why I purchased Walnut Ink. Oh right it was to add a new to my tool box. Creative exploration is such a breath of fresh air. This weekend go for a walk. Pay attention to what catches your eye. Listen with all your senses. Go to the art store and do the same.

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