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Be Your Authentic Self

pink bloom be your authentic self

I forget what podcast I was listening to. Be yourself as the key to success. Oh right Niki Walton. She quoted Oprah, “If I had known that I would have succeeded at lot sooner. ” Not sure why but I am thinking about school days. You know the kid who marches to the beat of their own drum. And because of this they dress and act different. They are not popular and yet everyone knows who they are.

I’m not going to mention any names. Well I have mentioned my favorite artists but if you look at their art it isn’t so out of this world. Most of the art can be replicated. It has been. The key ingredient in every tool box is to be your authentic self. Ok I am going to mention names.

She paints dots. The first time I saw this book I immediately remembered seeing her on an interview. Her hair and clothes are unmistakable. What I was left with was why? At an early age dots chose her. She wasn’t sorry.

Having the strength to Be your authentic self is the greatest wealth we can possess

I show up to paint every day because I want to. What makes my work is that I have all of these thoughts and I paint them. My color choices and flowers help me express this. I want to share that. I am still working on my color palette. I like using fun tools. Fun tools reminds me that the best art, my best art has nothing to do with professional grade paint or cotton paper. It has to do with my authentic self.

Since creative bloom I have learned so much. I am excited to keep moving forward.