Acrylic Basics with a t-shirt project

five bright color flowers for t-shirt designs

Flower t-shirts? Blooms of optimism? Yes. I have been looking for a t-shirt and this is a dream project. I created a thinking map a few nights ago. CatCoq’s blog post was in my mailbox. Here we are! Love the orange flower but I’ll have to fix the stigma. I have an idea. My favorite is the magenta Cosmo. Not sure why but I have a hard time mixing pink. I think I finally figured out. I did practice mixing pinks? Oh yes.

Mix Magenta with A drop of Primary Blue. Then add a little red.

Beautiful! I’ve been practicing acrylic. Adding water helps get a smooth texture. Thicker paint creatives visible strokes which are good too. Now I need the hand written words and layout.

Projects and painting are my peace. It’s been a good week.