Think Good Pink Circle Blooms

What a great idea to add watercolor at the top of my flower. This week has been about self care. Paint. Let it all go and paint. This sums up all the flowers, ideas and walks.

Think good so you can paint good

I have my favorite work and favorite artists. This has nothing to do with hand Lettering, Typography or a perfect replica. Ok you do need to work with certain elements to beautifully convey a message. My point is that the best art is how it makes us feel. You can scribble, pour, write love letters and all from the inner you. The inner you is imperfectly perfect.

Ok so I needed that reminder. I am about to paint. Next week let’s play: paper rolls, love letter writing, eraser stamping, collage, pastel imprinting and…

Oh and update writing for two new books. That reminds me of These are a few of my favorite things. Ok three books. Maybe I could work in the t-shirt design project? Oh and an outline for a course. I’ve been posting story ideas on pinterest.