Creative Exploration

What do you do?

The question I am working on, for when it comes up. I am working on an author bio too. Oh I could use some of your feedback, I document my process and turn it into daily inspiration. Good idea! For now I want to take a stroll through my posts. A year ago I started painting flowers. 100 ways was part of the book Learning By Heart. At that time I was working on culture.

Yes I am still working on my gift. The other day I was blown away because someone commented on my instagram post. Your work is beautiful keep sharing. My work? That’s something I say about my favorite artists. I do like my work. Yet it felt like someone appreciated my work more than I had. Then there was a blog post question. Who’s your favorite artist? The artist responded me. I am my favorite artist. I know right? Why don’t we get excited about our own work. There are times I do, all the time. But lately there’s been lots of ok or trashed work I still post most of my work because this work is part of the process, the beautiful journey! Yes I am one of my favorite artists.

I painted this flower years ago. I want to repaint my where are you flower. I tried but it hasn’t been the same. Neither am l. Thanks again for reading. Thank you for your kind words. I am learning as I go. We are learning.