You will bloom

I had a beautiful flower. Had. I wanted to make it better? Instead of throwing out this sheet I painted over it.

Pick up a flat brush and squeeze a dot of a few tones and blend. I finished with pink watercolor. What a great idea! Was my initial flower a loss? Did I have to start over? No. Oh but I love blending. Sure I think about what colors to combine. It’s always a surprise. I simply paint. Trust the idea. Flirt with the idea. I keep writing these words. I have to.

Here’s to more flowers. I have more paint. In every mistake there is a beautiful lesson.

Let’s see:

  • adding pink watercolor at the top
  • practice is the wonderful journey
  • adding a little water to acrylic paint
  • take what didn’t work and make it work
  • question why you label a mistake a mistake
  • take a break to declutter your mind