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How to Be an Artist (list of resources)

This post contains a list of art resources inculding a sunflower fingerpainting idea

These are some of my favorite resources for learning how to be me.

  • The best book I have read so far is Learning By Heart. This book is fiilled with project ideas to explore and ignite your curiosity
  • Show Your Work is another great read. As a matter of fact, I will read this book again for the fourth time.
  • I started taking courses on skillshare. I probably took around 200 courses? Some of my favorittes are Shantell Martin. Watching her draw. was something I had never seen before. It made me feel like I too have a place. Of course I do.
  • My favorite paint to work with is Winsor Newton. Cotman, professional, acrylic I like it all
  • Sennelier has some amazing greens too.
  • Projects are how I learn. There have been many ideas. Many ideas!
  • My favortie podcasts are well, the vlog by James Victore is aweosme. Unmistakable Creative, Kute Blackson
  • I used to listen to Sean Wess too. He has great courses on hand lettering to dream clients and getting paid what you are worth
  • Oh the library! Yes online and in person I have been checking out design books, creative business and all the books that artists write on thier experience. This information is valuable.
  • My favorite art blogs well I read lots of them. Colossal always entertains my curiosity.

Did you know that I keep a collection of all things art on pinterest? You can find ideas on color, creative business and how to’s. my work and so much more.

My favorite resources are the ones that teach you not step by step but simply share ideas so that you can’t help but feel the need to create. I feel this way every day of my life. That’s my aim for this place.

Do you have a favorite?