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How to Turn 8 colors into 64

I have seen these color charts before but wasn’t sure where to start. I found this video and here we are.

Good greens. Good peaches. Good yellows. Good purples. I love the purple pink. (bottom row first square) Good browns. Not so good blues. Blue is my favorite color to paint. Teal. Aqua. Turquoise. Prussian Blue. I love them all.

Ok there are a few good blues but the oranges are lovely! Interesting what happens with the shell pink tones. What gets me even more is that with 8 colors I made 64. This is not including the tones I can make if I take each color and create transprencies, like I did in the above art print. You slowly add white gouache or water. One color is beautiful but I had no idea my 8 tubes of paint could produce many of the tones I painted.

We all have talents, skills and there’s certain problems we can solve. When we get to know and combine these, that’s where magic happens.

I think I just starting writing for the color book. Oh yeah, it’s going to be an awesome project. I just painted a Protea. That will be tomorrow’s post.