Creative Exploration


I read a National Geographic article on the Tulip fields in Netherlands. What beautiful fields. Right now I’d like to see it windmill and all. These are so easy to paint! Lovely!

I mixed up the tones to tell this story. I painted. I hand wrote words with a thin green pen. I’m listening. Mother Nature you always do.

The scanned version, I don’t know what happens to the bright colors turning dull and ugly but I am going to fix it.

On another note I spend my morning doodling letters. My lettering is somewhere between a vintage love letter or note to home and vintage signage. I learned anatomy of type from greats like Sean Wess, Jon Contino, and Mary Kate McDevitt. I just like drawing. What did I hand letter?It was a colorful floral block lettered The world is my family. I didn’t want to share it. That’s ok. It’s that I get so caught up in what that artist is doing and fall into imposter syndrome. Funny how the thoughts I am thinking turn out to be the next podcast or book I read. Well let that be a reminder to be a responsible thinker!