Blooming with Stamps


  • stamp shapes
  • layering to blend color
  • texture that happens when you stamp over colored pencil
  • blending with watercolor
  • flowers and leaves make a triangle shape
  • leaves
  • dots


  • color scheme
  • paint the entire desgin with watercolor or acrylic
  • dots in the middle should be darker
  • use better paper

Today was a good day for clarity and peace. This was great practice. I just want to paint flowers. Now more than ever make makes sense. Who cares if the idea works, Alll that matters is that I am motivated to move forward. I want to learn how to paint the peace I feel when I am out walking with the breeze, birds and flowers. I want to learn color and think about all the textures I have created. The words. Connect them all. The world is my family.