Favorite Earth Day Projects

Here’s some of my favorite proects.

So hard to choose, there are so many. Everything I paint is influenced by nature. This past year my home, my Earth every single element has captured my attention like never before. Sure I walk to and from work but these days I have been walking for pure joy. These days I am all about flowers. The book is almost ready. All I need are a few more days. I can’t wait to take out all of my flowers and take a few photos. That will come next week. It’s been fun. I look forward to the color project and all the ideas to come.

For now I leave you with a reminder of how beautiful our Earth is. She’s the only one we’ve got and we better take care of her.

Like always, I am always looking for ideas so if you create please find me on social media or here. I want to read your blog posts and see what you create.

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A visionary artist who paints blooms of optimism. She paints using watercolor, acrylic and fun tools like paper rolls. She's a tea drinker who's curious about everything in nature. Every day she creates and creativelyhue.com is her place where she learns to trust her ideas, create from her authenticity and documents her process because we are all artists.