It’s the Simple that’s Beautiful

Copy paper. index finger. Mixed up a sun kissed yellow. Sure I see the oddball greenish petal. I could prpbably fix that. I will. Still this flower is one of my favorite flowers. Not that this is my best work but the road to best work comes from exploring ideas. You need to not take yourself so seriously to keep making. What better way to relax than with a technique we used as kids. If anythng you learn that your best ideas come from the simplest ideas. They often do. AND in the process you learn to digitize and digitizing leads to other ideas.

Hope you are enjoying all of these cool flowers. I can’t wait to put them all in a book and turn the pages. I look forward to sharing a free ebook edition of the book. I want feedback before I go ahead with the paperback. More on that very soon. Subscribe if you haven’t.

My next step with this journal is to create flowers and patterns. I have already begun adding new art to the shop.