Creative Exploration

Cube Eraser Floral Petals

For the days you are not sure what to paint but you paint. You want a happy day. Multi-color flowers were also my inspiration. What I enjoy the most about flowers is color. Stamping with a cube eraser was so much fun. I had to stamp again. As I stamped I thought, I could paint flowers. I could really paint flowers and work on my lettering to express my emotions. I could create a new font. Surface Designer? That’s it. I found a good idea to practice with. Spring is coming! I will be focusing on color, texture and collage. YES!

Was it the color lesson on instagram? Was it @morganharpernichols? @James Victore? All the above. I have been struggling with what and how to create. I work on different projects at once which is great. The problem is I am not working on one idea long enough to focus and build skills. All I know is I like flowers. Flowers have been a comfort during the past year.

I like the color and the challlenge of combining different tools keeps me curious, imaginative and wanting to create even more. This idea could not have come at a better time. Right now I need and want motivation. Rgiht now I need a small seed of positive.

Tomorrow I will finish the draft of 100 Ways to Flower WIth Power. Flower Power here we come!