Creative Exploration

…better paint what you want peach floral

Hours went by and I spent them all painting! The first piece was a Lunar New Year Lantern. Now that I know that green and blue lanterns are for dreams coming true, I’ll be painting another lantern this weekend. I painted a floral pattern and a few more flowers. The flowers that surprised me the most where these sponge flowers. It all started with India Ink, water and a sponge to create texture. Then I soften up the petals with transparent pink and orange watercolor and finished with a Acrylic paint details. I was trying this and that and everything worked. I made a flower out of the leftover paint too. There are so many ideas to explore. I seem to be focused on the inner part of the flowers and working with different colors. I really felt the words I painted on the lantern. The words for these flowers resonate the most right now.

Life is better, breathable when you paint what you want.