Creative Exploration

Review & Sharpen The Map

Good ideas are all around us. We walk around assuming we have all the answers demanding those exact answers. The reality is we need to quiet the voices inside our head and listen. I wrote a few days ago how during that breezy Sunday afternoon, standing still, the wind whispered I love you. At first I thought, are you going to think I’m crazy? I’m not but I tell you, this is what motivates me. It’s these simple pleasures that give me breath. I am so excited to be working on this book and for the work that I’ve been creating. I know I am in the right direction. Do I have all the answers. I don’t have a clue. I make it up as I go along. One idea leads to the next. Today I revisited the first couple months of work and gald I did. To progress you have to review and sharpen your map. Mre florals for today! I’m painting a Lantern.

Life is better, brathable when you just paint!