Creative Exploration

Just Paint With Indigo

Yesterday’s post went out a little late. I messed up on the time. Today I worked on a hat. It’s the famous be, beautiful no matter what they say, Audrey Hepburn black hat. Mixing up a black is not as easy as it seems. I ended up mixing more of am Indigo. I sketched the hat observing all the angles trying to draw “right”. This Watercolor version was a no go I tried a second time. There was no referencing. What a huge difference! The three minute video on how to mix black with Acrylic helped.

I painted a hat, a quote and three flowers. No I didn’t mix up the black but Indigo with the texture is beautiful. I’ll share it soon. There’s still pink ribbon to paint. The big flower is what surprised me the most. I covered up the petals that didn’t work by dabbing tones of blue. Some were smeared. The texture on this flower is beautiful. I do have an idea for the inside, maybe a pink or a green.

That is twice, wait three times today that I simply just paint. Good day of painting.