Creative Exploration

Put You In Your Work

As I am writitng the book, there is an outline that I am referencing. There’s three lessons. These lessons are you, just paint, and play. Play has been there. It always is but in the middle of this book project, the doubts resurfaced. I am currently in the middle of this 100 ways to flower with power book project.

The most interesting part of just painting is that you work through the doubt, the fear and the mistakes. Now that I think of it, there wasn’t really mistakes. I just kept and keep making art. That momentum is needed to produce your best work because you have to show up every single day! This is the kind of you that you need to have in your work. That you that lets you explore what you are fascinated with, turn it in to something amazing because you wanted to, like you did when you were a kid.

The thumbprint flowers, as I painted these I was free to explore, creative and didn’t have a solid plan. I was curious about a simple idea and now there’s lots of flowers that I painted with my hand. Simple beautiful ideas exist in all of us but we have to be brave enough to just shut the voices up in our head and paint. I should include these to go in the second look pile. Yes you can use your own work as an inspirational reference point. I am going to explore more colors and see what happens. I didn’t do that much writing this week but wow I wrote some good stuff. This is going to be a good book. Now I’m going to work on a new cover for Diffferent Is Beautiful.

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