Creative Exploration

Heart Florals With Power

pink florals

If a paint tube smells bad it is. The pigment separated and created these chuncks in the paint. For some weird reason, bad paint gave interesting texture. Sadly the scanned flowers look like a pale gray pink, nothing like the sweet pink texture.

I’ll just repaint again. To make the petals you paint an opem heart. Then connect the two with one thick stroke. Yes the same can be done with a human heart. As for the thick line uniting a broken heart, it could be a song, a book, a walk among the stars, the very idea that there is no one like you, you are a living breathing soul and earthly love exists for you, writing, or painting.

Bad Paint-Intersting textures? That’s a good one too.

Guess I better go start on the book. I have two months to write, edit and scan all the art work for the book 100 Ways to Flower With Power.