Watercolor Sunburst

Sunburst painted in tones of Watercolor Yellow

Nothing to see here. Seriously today wasn’t a good day. It’s ok. It happens.

I started with a good sketch:

  • I couldn’t mix up the right green. (I was going by the photo)
  • I painted leaves over the flower
  • size 1 was too large for fine details
  • size o kept splitting
  • leaves looked washed out so I painted over them with a darker green
  • looking at the image I could see that stem wasn’t green but yellow brown (why didn’t I use yellow ochre)
  • Ok forget about the picture and just paint. Usually this works, not today!
  • Take a break. How about painting over the flower petasls that scanned in an ugly brown instead of a beautiful peach. Didn’t work either
  • Ok get out a stamp, mix a little paint and see what happens. Looking good, maybe
  • Time to go for a walk

There is light and hope in every day

Here I am writing this post. Wasn’t sure what to write. Then I find last Thursday’s Sunburst. That was a good day! Today is a good day too. I am grateful for the warmth of the sun. That I could walk, for my lunch, for the tea I’ll make and for the jug I’m about to paint. Thank you CatCoq. Your classes are amazing!


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