Brown Peruvian blanket take two

Much better. I am new to the pulse and precision. I haven’t practiced as much as I want. Yet there’s been major improvements. The dots were done with acrylic paint but the stamper wasn’t giving me complete circles. Walnut ink helped with that. I want to explore more with India ink. Tree trunks!

Today’s message will be short and sweet. Keep going. Keep painting. Keep doing whatever it is you want to do.

Trust the Process

Easier said than done. Trust the process.

This weekend I’ll be posting some of my work from Society 6 and Amazon. I never feel comfortable sharing work from my shops in fear of sounding like a salesman. All I know is I am proud of my work and the direction I’m going. I still have much to learn. Art gives me mindfulenss for the rest of my life. Maybe a print for your studio space can help you feel the same way.

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