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Word of the year with watercolors

word art with watercolor

My word of the year is MAKE. I want to make more. do more. I want more of the making that happens when I let curiosity take over. I want more of the making that leads to painting with markers. Even the markers that didn’t blend with water worked. Scribble on a ceramic plate. Dip your brush in water, mix the two and you have watercolor.

word art with watercolor

I usually draw letters on the page and paint around them. That works ok but why not try something different!. That’s the other make I want more of.

If it didn’t work before, then change it up.

Here goes. Cut out the letters and lightly tape them down. Then paint, splatter, stamp and draw. If you make a mistake cover it up with a stamp or more watercolor. Keep on making until you’re done. Do what you are going to do but do it with you!

And that’s the other make. Work through the misktakes because it’s part of growing and getting better. Who says it’s a mistake anyway. Just let yourself go and keep on making. Eventually you’ll get to the good stuff.

What’s your word of the year?