Focus on the details

My lines are getting better. There’s a few happy mistakes. There’s areas that needed digital fixing. This was one of those times where you intend to paint a few details and an hour later you’re done. Maybe I overthought the details…I wanted to keep going until it felt like a blanket. Looks good for practice and a post. At some point it did but I kept on adding lines.

Some artists talk about doing pages of lines, shapes, transparencies…to build skills. I prefer painting blankets. Projects are a good way to focus on the details and keep going long after the mistakes. In the making you discover how awesome White ink is. More importantly, you discover that you can draw. Still working on the drawing part, ha. I’m not used to painting fine lines which is what compelled me to kepp on painting them.

Ok this is my accountability/review blanket. In a couple of weeks I’ll do a side by side comparison. Keep practicing and the details will come together.

Next time I want to do shades of Brown. I have a new appreciation for watercolor.