Night Skies In Payne’s Gray

Night skies are a wonderful companion. I have trouble finding the right deep blue. Payne’s Gray is such a lovely tone. I’ve been drawing lots of stars. Transitioning from one color to the next is another skill I want to improve. Mixing Payne’s gray with a Prussian blue is another lovely tone. I want to paint the beautiful Peter Pan ride skies filled with yellow stars. The moon has been so beautiful these last nights of 2020.

I am practicing with student grade paint on ok paper. Highly pigmented blues are a must. The blues in my student pan set are transparent to begin with. I need a high pigmented opache color. Sure I can add water but then the color changes. Canson XL is low cost good paper but not for heavy washes. I want to test my higher quailty paint.

Ok, so all those terrible night skies I painted aren’t exactly my fault. Here’s to more practice. I should look up a few videos. I’m already there.

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