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Little Strips For Practicing Watercolor

Now is a good time to review your work. The end of the week, month or year is a good time to review work. I had a stack of work and intended to paint around painted sections. BUT I like painting on small strips of paper. It feels easier to paint small strips to practice lines or layering. Having a black page in front of me, compels me to paint ideas. The problem is I want to paint fast and painting takes time. Lately I’ve been rushing through with the need to share my work and then mistakes happen. No they are’t happy mistakes. These little strips of paper help me focus and take time.

Last night I went through a stack of watercolor paper and cut strips. In each one I will practice drawing shapes, lines, washes, layering, salt, night and galaxy skies. When I started painting I did what kids do. I just picked up a brush and painted. I was a kid. There’s something about the water and how it dries that captivates me. I am a creative and painting is what I do. Right now I want to practice the fundamentals and be ready when I get back into the culture project.

The tools I am using for practice are as follows:

canson xl paper ( not sure why it’s expensive on Amazon but I buy it at Walmart for $7)

sennelier student grade watercolors


Would you like to learn more about the Sennelier pan set? I will be creating a new pan set with my pofessional grade watercolor tubes.

As always thanks for reading. I do enjoy writing.