Creative Exploration

Evergreen Boughs of Luck

Boughs of Evergreen to ward off evil spirits. Boughs of Evergreen to have good luck for the coming harvest. Evervasting life is a good one too. I found this really good article on the history of Christmas Trees.

Adding a little blue deepens the green. I like using yellow ochre as well. Next week I want to paint an Egyptian ornament. I found a website full of sodas from around the world. I’ve started painting these. I’m still learning color.

I’m having a good time learning about culture. When I was painting flowers I mostly focused on flowers. Occasionaly I’d paint the moon or my shaddow. That was an amazing idea but it needs a redo. When I go for walks I get ideas and feel that I have to paint them. Right now I am about making making making. My main focus is on a celebration of us. As I learn about culture I’ll observe and paint what captivates. I should proabably oraganize my thoughts because there’s so much to explore.