Watercolor Guitar Take 2

All of my projects have goals. All around the world is for drawing the objects I’m not used to drawing. Is that why my drawing is a little…lousy. Ok, but in all fairness there’s going to be bad work. I’ve painted some good ones. More goes in the trash. That’s ok. I can buy more paper. There’s always tomorrow. There’s much more to paint!

This is good for a journal enty. I’m exploring the texture, patterns and color of the world. I started reading Ana Victoria Calderon’s Color Harmony. A section of her color schemes are set up from textiles and nature from places all over the world. On Saturday Bing featured images of floral patterns in celebration of Diwali. Coincidence?

So far I’m learning that blob brushes are amazing! I need precision practice. Each culture is a gift. Where does a country’s culture originate?