Venetian Guitar- Only Make

Aren’t the colors amazing! And the design is amazing. I drew inspiration from an image I found online. The strings are a little off but do I care? Just a little. I’m getting practice with details and using different brushes and white ink. Not sure why I used a ruler to draw the lines. I should have just drawn them. Digitally? Now that I know what went wrong I can repaint this. The most important lesson is make and keep making. There are no mistakes. The other lesson is music.

There’s music in every culture. Instruments may look a little different but every single one has a tune, a melody we can all sing or dance to. Together. I don’t care where the instrument comes from or what it looks like. I do like the guitar I painted hearts and all but ALL I WANT TO DO IS DACE.

Ok time to get back to painting.. Yhos gutar goes back to the work in progress file.