Creative Exploration

Worldly Color

So I started reading Ana Victoria’s Color Harmony book, I’ m hooked. I was going to work on a plate today, and I am, but I felt the need to practice my color skills. There’s beautiful color in diversity. Reviewing color is a great way to create colors of the world. Interstingly Ana shares her inspiration from her worldly travels. Perfect timing.

Here the task was to draw a flower with warm and cool tones. My color harmony comes from what I feel or the feeling of expressing an idea. The orange flower is warm, sunny, energetic and happy. The blue flower is creative, peace, calm and melancholic. I tried mxing up a cool violet. Violet would have been a great hue for creativity.

Yes, I’m still painting flowers for 100 ways to flower with power. I went throught the collection taking notes as I organized them. There’s a redo pile. Maybe I should redo them all? On mixed media paper? Of ocurse I will but right now it’s on to Mexican Pottery.