New Project – Around the World

From the perfume bottles of Egypt to Mexico’s ceramics, there’s a whole world of texture, color, glazing techniques, stories and PEOPLE. With this project I want to improve my drawing and explore culture.

I’ve been building a collection called around the world. I have samples of homes, celebrations, instruments, animals, food and traditions. I’m Mexican American so I want to start with my culture. In December I want to foucs on Christmas. I want to paint food, pinatas and….

Where did I go wrong with the jugs? Impatience. I had to create for this post. When I painted the blue jug I simply had an idea, mixed blue tones and embelished with a pen. If I compare the blue jug with today’s mess, it’s a night and day difference. Todaty felt forced.

So creative exploration meets culture? Lets do this.

I am offering all of my ebooks for free starting Nov. 1- 5th. If you haven’t read them please get them. If you enjoy them please leave a review. This will help me. Thank you. I am also having a sale on Society 6.

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