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Let the idea find you in the doing.

I’ve taken a creative exploration class on Dmoestika. Two classes really. Anyway the idea is to let the idea come to you. You might draw with your eyes closed. You might draw looking away from the page. Or draw the rhythm of a song that moves you. No perfection. No judgment. I actually did the music one years ago in Shantell’s class.

Back to my flowers. I simply drew lines, swiggly messy ones. Probably with leftover paint. I’ve got to keep going with these flowers. Here’s the original.

I wake to ideas. I go to sleep with ideas. Makes me think of all the great empowering thoughts I need to have.

One more week to go. I have a few more floral ideas to share. Next Friday’s post is a summary of my lessions 100 ways to flower with power has taught me. Which reminds me, I need to update my about page. Austin Kleon’s reasons for blogging are exactly how I feel. I’ve been trying to find the simpliest words. I’ll borrow his because these are my reasons too.

I wonder if you are creating flowers? What are you painting? I’ll open this up just for today!

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2 thoughts on “Let the idea find you in the doing.”

  1. Wonderful! I saw this quote on autumn being a second spring and suddenly I realize how wonderful leaves are!

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