Creative Exploration

It’s my journal and I’ll

paint like I want to . Last night I watched Leonie. It is a great reminder to be true to yourself. Art is freedom. You can say anything you want to say.

All you need is one brush and a little paint. I lightly tap the brush with the tip of the brush. Mix up a beautiful yellow and green, that’s it. I like the vintage vibe. The leaves have an interesting texture.

Then, wait, I can use this techniwue to create flower petals. Stamp with a dry brush, wet brush and vary the size of brushes. Within one idea there are countless others.

Beautiful! I think it’s best to contiune sharing these awesome flowers for the remainder two weeks of summer. When Fall begins I will switch gears to fall themed art. That way we can decorate our spaces for the holidays to come! I have ideas on cultures and celebrations from around the world. It’s going to be fun! I plan to release 100 ways to flower with power in the spring of 2021. I’m so excited that I now have beautiful ways to paint flowers for patterns, prints and simple book illustrations. It;s my journal but I want to share it with all of you. I’m also going to work on moving the entire collection to pinterst.

Thanks so much to all the new subsvribers, and to your kind messages. If you have a question or a project idea please let me know!